Gehöft Adem Jasharis in Prekaz in der Drenica-Region, Kosovo; das Anwesen ist im Zustand seiner Zerstörung durch serbische Einheiten vom 5. bis zum 7. März 1998 konserviert. © Tobias Strahl

In the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and during four gory wars in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo a significant amount of built heritage was destroyed. The paper represents a first attempt to approach the subject in a systematic manner. It identifies different forms of destruction and postulates the thesis that heritage was used as a “weapon” during the Yugoslav Wars.

Bibliographical information: Strahl, Tobias: Architecture as a Weapon. In: Großmann, Ulrich G. / Krutisch, Petra (eds.): The Challenge of the Object / Die Herausforderung des Objekts. Vol. 2, Nürnberg 2013, pp. 476-479.

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